General Schedule

Monthly Events

The SCRAP Club holds several events on a regular monthly basis. While these events are included in the Calendar, they are also listed below for your convenience. Please Note...

Competition Rule

The Range will be closed to "Non-Competitor Shooters" during a scheduled competition. Visitors are welcome to watch competitions until the competition is over and the range is again open to members. All spectators of a competition must wear eye and ear protection at all times and obey the commands of the Range Master controlling the competition. If proper ear and eye protection is needed, please ask for the equipment.

3rd Monday @ 7 pm – Club Meetings, NORTH SIDE of Senior Citizens Center on 7th street (north of Elder)

2nd Saturday @ 10 am – Steel Challenge Matches: Contact Ray Ingram 580-255-7543

3rd Saturday @ 9 am (March - October except August) – MBAR Matches: Contact Pete Tulloh 580 591-3931

2nd Sunday @ 8 am (March - October except August) – High Power Rifle Matches (NRA 100 yd.): Contact TBD

3rd Sunday @ 10 am – Pistol Matches (IPSC): Contact Jon Ax 580-353-1724

Last Saturday of Every Odd-numberd Month @ 9am – Member Work Day



Happening this week:

The range is Open


The lock has been changed! You will need to renew your membership and exchange keys to have access to the range.

 The "Range Workday" scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed as it closely related to Thanksgiving Holiday and Deer season. We'll take care of minor cleanup as needed.

 We now have a Facebook page! If you would like to see some video's of some of the recent competitions at the SCRAP Range visit "S.C.R.A.P. Club of Oklahoma".

The Board of Directors met to determine the rates for membership for the coming 2017-2018 year and make decisions on rule revision and additions.  The rates for membership for this year will be $75.00 for members affiliated with the NRA (National Rifle Association) or ORA (Oklahoma Rifle Association), or Active Duty Military Personnel. Per our by-laws, all senior members must be a member in good standing of one of these organizations. Membership applications with one of these organizations will be available with any membership throughout the year. 

DO NOT shoot at targets on the floor of the bays.  They are an extremely hard surface and will bounce bullets up.