SCRAP Club Membership

SCRAP Club membership is open to all US citizens without regard to race, sex, or creed. Requirements for membership are:

  • That the applicant is a member in good standing of one or more of the following organizations: NRA, ORA or Active Military. We no longer offer membership to parties not affiliated with one of these organizations.
  • That the applicant is not a member of any organization that has the intent to overthrow the government of the United States by force or violence
  • That the applicant is not a convicted felon prohibited by law from handling a firearm of any type
  • That the member will fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship
  • That the member will give the club physical or financial support when able
  • That the member will abide by the Range Rules and the Terms of Membership of the Stephens County Rifle and Pistol Club
  • New Members must complete a briefing, and agree to uphold, the Range Rules and Terms of Membership from an Officer or Board Member before they will receive their Range Key and Membership Card. 

Scrap Club, Inc. memberships run from the 3rd Monday in Sept til the next 3rd Monday in Sept. of the following year. We do not pro-rate membership dues during the time period between these dates. We do not offer partial or one day memberships.

The SCRAP Club holds its monthly membership meeting on the 3rd Monday of every month (check the General Schedule for details).  On the 3rd Monday in the month of September, the Annual Membership Renewal Meeting is held to both renew current members and enroll new members, although new members may join the club at any time during year.  Also, even if a current member is renewing at the time of the September Renewal Meeting, they should still bring a copy of the the Membership Application for the purposes of updating information.

To download a copy of the SCRAP Club Membership Application, click on the link below.  NOTE:  Some browsers and some toolbars in browsers (such as the Google Toolbar) contain "Pop-up Blockers" and may prevent the window containing the Membership Application from opening.  Please make sure that your Pop-up Blocker is turned off to enable the application window to appear.

Click here to download the SCRAP Club Membership Application

As of September 16, 2013, SCRAP Club membership will be $75.00. For fist time members there is an additional $5.00 deposit charged to receive a key to the range. Prospective members must be affiliated with the NRA or the ORA or be active military to join.  Club members MUST show proof of current membership, either with a membership card, magazine cover, or other suitable means of proof.

Completed applications may be given to any of the contacts listed on the Contact Us page.


Click here to link to the NRA membership application page.





Click here to link to the ORA membership application page