How To Find The Range

The SCRAP Club Shooting Range is located just south of Duncan Lake - about 0.3 mi. down a crushed rock road on the west side of Duncan Lake Rd. between Old Hwy 7 to the south (1.3 mi.) and Plato Rd. to the North (1.7 mi.). If approaching from the south of Duncan, Duncan Lake Rd. is approximately 7 mi. east from Eastland's Convenience Store & Diner on Old Hwy 7. If approaching from the north of Duncan, Duncan Lake Rd. is approximately 9 mi. east from Hwy 81. The entrance to the SCRAP Club Shooting Range is marked by a sign titled "Chisolm Trail R/C Flying Squadron." Across the road is a sign for the "Duncan Gun Club"; this is NOT the entrance to the SCRAP club. Make sure you turn west off of Duncan Lake Rd.

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Finally, here's a closeup of the area approaching the shooting range, followed by a layout of shooting range itself:

Close-up map of approach to SCRAP Shooting Range


SCRAP Shooting Range Layout