Rules of the Shooting Range

  1. Keep firearms unloaded while carrying them on and off the range.
  2. All firearms on the range shall have actions open, with chamber and magazines unloaded, unless preparing to fire or in the act of firing.
  3. Shoot only from the firing line. Make certain shots are aimed so they impact in one of the dirt backstops. If a ricochet occurs, do whatever is necessary to prevent reoccurrence. Firing from other than the firing points at the east end of the range will be allowed only at club sanctioned events and under the supervision of a Range Officer.
  4. There shall be no handling of firearms while anyone is forward of the firing line (HANDS OFF) .
  5. Point all firearms down range (toward targets) at all times.
  6. The Range will be closed to "Non-Competitor Shooters" during a scheduled competition. Visitors are welcome to watch competitions until the competition is over and the range is again open to members. All spectators of a competition must wear eye and ear protection at all times and obey the commands of the Range Master controlling the competition. If proper ear and eye protection is needed, please ask for the equipment.
  7. If you observe anyone driving, riding or walking west of the range, cease fire until the area is cleared. DO NOT shoot while anyone is at the well site.
  8. Minimum distance for shooting steel targets with standard pistol loads is 10 yards.
  9. Minimum distance for shooting steel targets with rifle loads is 100 yards.
  10. Personal targets, steel silhouettes, etc. may be placed on the ground only if placed within one yard of the base of the dirt backstop.
  11. Aerial targets may be shot with shotguns with #6 shot or smaller. These targets must be shot from north of rifle firing line and only low in a westerly direction. Rifle and pistol shooting will take precedence over shotgun shooting.
  12. No targets of any kind shall be placed on dirt backstops above the normal height of the backboards.
  13. All shooters shall wear adequate eye and hearing protection. All spectators shall remain behind the shooters and shall wear adequate eye and hearing protection when on or near the firing points.
  14. Deliberate destruction of target frames or other club equipment will not be tolerated.
  15. All targets must be positioned so that the Bulls Eye will not be directly in front of a target backboard support or post. If necessary, mount targets on cardboard to do this.
  16. No shotgun cartridges shall be fired from or in the pistol bays except during an organized competition match. Shotgun cartridges may be fired from the 50 ad 100 yard rifle bays, but the firer MUST remain on the concrete apron.
  17. No center fire rifles may be fired in the pistol bays.
  18. Absolutely no glass containers permitted on the range.
  19. Remove the targets you use. Dispose of them properly. Leave nothing on the range when you depart except what you deposit in the trash cans.
  20. Being under the influence of or in possession of any illicit drugs or alcoholic beverages on club property is absolutely forbidden and will not be tolerated.
  21. Guests must be accompanied by a Member.
  22. Loaning of gate keys to any nonmember is prohibited. Gate keys shall not be copied.
  23. Members shall be accountable for the behavior of their guests.
  24. Keep the gate closed and locked while shooting and be certain to lock the gate when you leave.
  25. Except for organized club functions, the RANGE IS CLOSED from one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise.
  26. ( New for 2012-2013) Shooters are prohibited from using "Bump Stocks" or similar devices, or"Bump Firing" to simulate full automatic fire on the range.

NOTE: Membership in the SCRAP Club is conditional. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in forfeiture of range privileges and explusion from the club.